Phasing out Google Analytics, tracking and third-party cookies

We are happy to report that we’ve removed the ShareThis program from our main website and put in our own sharing and following widgets to reduce third-party cookie tracking. Your social media sharing activity from will not be tracked or monitored by anyone, including us.

In parallel, we’ve also terminated the use of Google Analytics on the main site. There has been no replacement planned in the near future and we will make an announcement should we ever decide to apply web analytics tool again. This change is based on the sole belief and understanding that taking advanced metrics has little to none benefits while inevitably resulting in privacy invasion to users. On another related front, OneSignal, the push notification software, is suspended as we continue to evaluate the situation (Robyn found it to be a little “annoying” and would need some time to come up with a better configuration). As of today, the only third-party cookies you can find on are:

  • Within Mofficer module: FreshDesk for customer support ticketing (one for Google). Please find their Privacy Policy here.
  • Adobe Indd on selected pages because of embedded content. Adobe’s privacy policy can be found here.
  • Like Indd, Canva on selected pages because of embedder. Their policy can be accessed here.

If you detect any other cookies on our site that you believe to be loaded from within, please contact us. In case you want to completely live free of third party cookies, here’s a comprehensive article on how to disable them in all types of browsers.

In the meanwhile, we’re also tightening the Content Security Policy system-wide to prevent attacks by malicious scripts that have become increasingly common around the Internet.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Much love,




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